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Execution Model

Expert Outsource provides you with Application Maintenance Solutions that assures you of 100% uptime - when your company and your customers need them. Our knowledge transfer process ensures that critical knowledge is shared between application maintenance teams and customers. Our Application Maintenance teams don't patch long-term problems - they solve them. We can maintain existing systems in the most cost effective way possible - making them more responsive to your business. Our strong knowledge transfer and change management core competencies help you to maximize your maintenance budget and you can show 50-60% savings in a few weeks time.

Expert Outsource 3 - Phase Process Model

We use a structured three-phase approach to transfer Application Maintenance from internal staff to our maintenance teams. The planning phase begins with a requirements study - that documents what the customer needs and how those needs can be addressed. The study identifies the context of the project, specifying the scope of work and the computing environment in which the applications operate. Then the Application Maintenance teams translate these needs into infrastructure requirements, work plans and service level agreements. In the next step of project planning, we specify the details of how the project requirements are to be implemented, specifying all systems and sub-systems, support levels, work definition, documentation standards, and identifying which applications are business critical. Additionally a detailed process document identifies the procedures, standards, quality control checks and project reports which should accompany them.

Based on planning input the customer chooses the best outsourcing option - whether to outsource all application maintenance or employ a more selective approach. We then give you a cost estimate for the project - usually the number of persons to be employed at our competitive hourly rates to take care of your maintenance needs. The service level agreement is signed and the work begins.

During the Knowledge Transfer phase Expert Outsource deploys teams on-site to learn about the customer's computing environment, applications to be outsourced, and existing maintenance procedures. Our knowledge gathering many times helps the customers understand existing systems better. What is learnt is transferred to a Knowledge Repository, which provides the roadmap for the offshore transition plan. Our teams closely analyze the system, mapping business functions to programs and data sources, generating process flows, documenting user profiles and studying error history to identify key system problem areas. We then deliver a maintenance plan that fits the customer's requirements.

In the last stage of offshore transition planning, we identify areas that require future work and hand over the work to the offshore team. In the final phase - the Service Phase - the offshore development team absorbs the knowledge transfer from the onsite team and ramps up its activity, as it grows more familiar with the customer's requirements, applications and systems.