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How do we communicate with programmers offshore to let them know exactly what you need?

Communi-Link is a web-based system that links people working together on projects both onsite and offshore. Communi-Link is our patent pending web-based system whereby you can communicate exactly what you need to the outsourced programmers.
Communi-Link makes task assignment and follow up a very smooth process. You are never left without support, and we make sure the programmers offshore know exactly what you need.

Communi-Link has the following features that take care of the day to day activities of the onshore task assignment team and offshore task fulfillment team.

The system maintains a centralized database of the project, the various functions and modules up to the objects involved in the modules (like screens, reports, forms). The database also contains client contact information, programmers information and task related information. The design simplifies assigning activities, tracking status, change management, seeking and getting clarifications from users and the people actually designing and maintaining projects.

The main challenge faced by most Application Maintenance teams is poor communication between the user and the designer. Specifications about new modules, modifications, bug-fixes or clean-ups that need to be done can be easily communicated on Communi-Link. Communi-Link presents a view of the entire application wherein the user can specify exactly what task needs to be done on which subsystem. These tasks are analyzed by the project manager at the maintenance end, broken down into specific activities and assigned to specific resources with timelines for completion. Issues that arise in between are raised and solved by an ongoing discussion thread between both teams. As tasks are being carried out the current status is posted on the tracking system. - This ensures that those who initiated tasks are kept informed about its present status and progress. The links to documents (files that are created/changed) are also maintained on this system.

Both onsite and offshore teams maintain contact by message boarding clarifications on Communi-Link. These clarifications can lead to a thread of discussions about a particular project, function, module or specific tasks with participation from both ends. These exchanges and communication set up is as though the programmer is sitting on the desk right next to you.